Providing the experience and knowledge to bring you one step closer to achieving your health and fitness goals.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Steve and I’m a Personal Trainer and MNU Certified Nutritionist based here in Manchester.

I’ve had the honour and privilege to travel all over the world to study and train with some of the best athletes, sport coaches and nutritionists around today. It’s because of these very experiences that I strive to improve my own skills and abilities to benefit, teach and motivate all my clients. The health and fitness industry never sits still, and neither do I. I continually look to research and implement the most effective methods for each clients individual goals. At the end of the day if I can inspire and motivate you to become the best version of you, and leave you with the tools and knowledge for life, then my job is complete.



Your individual goals and preferences would determine the approach I would use to ensure you achieve the results you are after.



For the majority of people it is their nutrition which stops them reaching their health, performance or body-composition goals.



Here you will find a selection of my downloadable files. Everything from ‘Learning to Handstand’ to ‘Low Calorie Alcoholic Drinks.’


It all started when…

I was around 14 years old, I was a very competitive national standard swimmer. It was all I wanted to do, forget about school, I just wanted to swim. I wanted to represent my country. I wanted to go to the Olympics. Unfortunately I didn’t. A crippling knee injury put paid to those dreams, and sport in general for quite some time. It was at this point, like most stroppy teenagers I went of the rails for a few years. My schoolwork went to pot, but I managed to get myself into college, where I studied Graphic Design. 2 Years later I passed my course and shortly afterwards started my first job as a Junior Graphic Designer. I worked my way up the corporate ladder, holding out for that gold watch and retirement plan. Until one day I was reading a magazine and saw an advert promoting a Sports Psychology Diploma. Almost instantly I signed up. Why?…..



Steve’s training sessions are a great way to keep your fitness programme challenging, varied and interesting. He works with you to set goals and objectives and devises a programme to help you stay focused and motivated to meet those objectives. His kettlebell workouts really do deliver results - my legs, arms and core are all much stronger and more toned since I started training with Steve. Although the sessions are challenging Steve’s sense of humour means that they are also fun.
— Ste
I’ve been training with Steve for more than two years. In that time my strength and fitness levels have improved massively. Steve’s great at devising programmes which target the areas you want to work on and takes on board your interests in the type of training you want to be doing. He’s also great at giving you the tools and knowledge you need to train independently with confidence.
— Suzi
I’ve tried loads of different training programmes but get bored quite easily, that’s not an option with Steve! I love the variety of the sessions, even if they are really, really, hard! I’ve already seen, and felt the benefits of Steve’s training to my running and my overall fitness and strength.
— Roz
I’ve been dogged with injuries including a torn ACL and Steve’s got me fighting fit again. Every session is different and the focus on core stability with kettlebells and bodyweight exercises have helped with my running and cycling too. It’s worth the sweat and pain!
— James
A no nonsense coach! Methodical and thorough in his approach to training. A demon with the kettlebells and has now added some serious Gymnastics knowledge to his repertoire.
— Sean
Interesting, varied, targeted, goal orientated and fun sessions. Steve has made training a pleasure and goes beyond the norm with freshly updated online sessions to do in your own time which illustrates dedication to each and every client.
— Andrew
A good coach will help you achieve things you didn’t think possible, this is what Steve has done for me over the last few years. His programme design is effective and challenging, moving you logically towards your goals.
— Russ
One of the best coaches around. I highly recommend Steve to anyone. His classes and 1-2-1 training sessions are never the same. The variety ensures your motivation never wains. Challenging but rewarding! Very professional.
— Kyle