Privacy Policy 

The law may of changed but my commitment to keep your personal data safe hasn’t. I remain committed to respecting your privacy and safeguarding the personal data you share with me to keep you in control of the information you share.

Keeping you in control
I take care to protect the data you share with me with the aim of keeping you in control of the information you share with myself. If, for any reason you wish to refrain from my holding of your data please request so, and it will be removed. However, if your data is removed, and you then wish to attain a service that requires that data you will need to provide the consent to collect and store that data again.

Keeping your data safe
I am committed to respecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal data.
If I am required by law to share your data with other organizations, such as the government, I will always do so securely and I will not share more than I need to. Sometimes I may wish to use certain data i.e. testimonials and transformation photos, to promote my services on social media platforms and through my website. However if you have opted out of this within the Online Pre-Consultation Form, your data will not be used unless written consent is provided. If I publish any work that does contain your data it will always be passed back to yourself for approval so you remain in full control.

How I use your personal data
Your data allows me to personalize your experience of the services I provide. For example it is used to determine your calorific needs and to develop any nutritional protocols that you may need to adhere to. It is never shared, sold or passed to any other persons, unless law as previously mentioned requires me to. I will always be clear and open with you about how and why I’m using your data. 

Data makes things easier
Sharing some personal data with me is essential for the day to day running of my business, and to provide you with the services that I currently offer. For example it means I can quickly get in touch with you to discuss any matters with regards to timing of our sessions. The more I know about my clients the more I am able to help them out when extra support is needed.

I will never forget that it is your personal data
You have trusted me with your data, and in return I give you the control that you need. You can even decide how we contact each other. It will be straightforward to keep your any of your personal details up-to date. If we work together it will follow a natural process, and I will always make it as easy as possible for you to request any changes or copies of any data I may hold.

If for whatever reason we cease working together, and you wish for your data to be removed please inform me of this in writing and I will proceed with the request. Note, that any data removed may include training programmes and nutritional analyses. If you wish to keep these for your records you will need to request as such.